Social Media Lab: Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly

Agenda: March 25-26, 2010


(1) Complete this brief online survey
(2) Review your organization's communications plan and bring a copy
(3) Readings and Videos

March 25, 2010

8:30 am
Coffee and breakfast, informal networking

Welcome, Program Overview, and Warm Up

Icebreaker: Your Social Media Experience
Icebreaker: What struck you about the video?

Principles of Effective Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits
There are a number of emerging principles for effective social media use. We'll take a look at these with some examples from different nonprofits.

Presentation: High level overview of strategy, culture, capacity, and learning.
Checklist: Social Media Effective Use
Exercise: Group Discussion and Share Pairs

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:15: Linking Social Strategy Strategy to Communications Objectives

Worksheet: Objectives
MomsRising Case Study

What SMART objective in your communications plan can be powered by social media?
What is the offline behavior or action you want social media to help drive?
What questions do you have?


11:15-11:45: Identifying the Audience and Understanding Their Social Behavior
Research informs strategy and the key to success. It is essential to understand your audience's social behavior online and make strategy decisions accordingly.

What do you know about how your audience behaves online?
What do you know about what they love?
What do you know about what turns them off?
Do you need to learn more about your audience? If so, what?



11:45-12:15: Social Media Readiness
Adopting social media may require a change in organizational and/or personal work flows. We'll do a series of exercises to better understand how to better manage this change.

What has been the greatest asset that has allowed your organization to be ready/not ready?
What doubt, fears do you have?
What is one thing you will do next in terms of readiness?



12:15 - 1:00: Lunch
Find something interesting to you…

1:00-2:15: Social Media Game

Small Group Exercise: Identify organizations that have a social strategy objective. Work in small groups to help brainstorm their strategy and tool selection.
  • Objective and Audience Identification Review (5 minutes)
  • Principles Brainstorm (10 minutes)
  • Tool Selection (25 minutes)
  • Report Out (30 minutes)

Discussion Questions:
What’s brilliant?
What’s missing?
What questions do you have about the tools?


  • Card Deck (people, principles, tools)
  • Instructions for playing the game



2:15-2:30: Break

2:30-4:00: Tools Best Practices Mini Workshops

This section is to share content on the tools and best practices, practical tactics, and examples of thinking through a small low-risk experiment with how to measure, reflect and adapt. Beth and Cheryl will present the same content back-to-back, so group can split in half decide what content they need. Each half-hour segment will include 15-20 minutes of presentation, with 10-15 minutes for questions.

Listening Experiment Tips

Facebook Fan Pages
Facebook Fan Page Experiment Tips

Beth/Dan Deck is here
Twitter Experiment Tips

4:00-415: Sharing Aha's and Takeaways

What did you hear about using listening, Twitter, or Facebook Fan Pages that was a major Aha!

4:15 – 4:45: Experiment in a Box

A best practice is to implement low risk experiments with social media using metrics to evaluate what is working and not working. Participants will self-select which experiment (Twitter, Facebook, or Listening) they want to work on.

Exercise: Work in share pairs to review worksheet. You don’t have fill in the whole worksheet, but just discuss what you learned today and how it might apply to your experiment.

Worksheet: Twitter Experiment
Twitter Tips

Worksheet: Listening Experiment
Listening Tips

Worksheet: Facebook Fan Page Tips Experiment
Facebook Fan Page Tips
Facebook Experiment Worksheet


4:45 - 5: Quick End of the Day Reflection and Look Ahead To Tomorrow

March 26

9:00-9:30 Overnight Thoughts, Reflections

9:30-10:30 Refine Experiments and Share w/Peer Clusters

10:30-45 Break

10:45-11:30 Wiki Site
Geek Out time =shoulder-to-shoulder time
Show the wiki site, how to post their experiments, floating consults

Demo the wiki content
Demo their cubby space
Demo how to post notes from their experiments
Hashtag Q/A during experiments #beth-lab

Next steps, scheduling, adjourn