Healthy Kids Humboldt

Catherine DeSantis
Program Coordinator

Your Social Media Questions:
How to market to three distinct target markets
How can I fold tweeting into what I'm doing on FB, as well as video on you tube
How do I move people into action (i.e. calling us or referring people who are unisured to us)
Results from the program that would make it a success:
Help more clearly define messaging to my target audience(s)
Face Book and You Tube presence that would broaden our message to the community
Communications Plan

Big Goal:Reach at least 80% of the children in Humboldt County who are uninsured, meet with their parents and enroll them in low to no cost health insurance to assure better access to preventive medical and dental care.

Smart Objective for Social Media Strategy:
Specific: Contact 500 families of uninsured children and educate them on the benefits of having a healthcare home for their children.
Measurable: Contacts can be tracked on Facebook
Acheivable: Friends can refer us to other friends in Humboldt County with a Every Child An Insured Child campaign
Relevant: Insurance is the key to gaining access to a healthcare home.
TimeFrame: 500 insured in 2010.

Identification: Three Market Segments
1. Young parents on FB 21-35 year olds with young children who are not adopters of preventive medical care (i.e. have had no modling of this behvior)
2. Mid-age parents 35-50 who have mid-and teenaged children
Under 250 FPL
Primarily female (75%)
3. Teens of both sexes 13-18 year olds

What is known: According to Facebook’s 2009 demographic report, the biggest user age group is 18-24 with 17 million, but in the last three years the fastest growing market segment is 35-54 years of age, a 276% increase in use since 2007. This is the age bracket for most parents who have middle school and high school aged children.

Existing Belief To Tap:
Existing Value

Entitlement to quality healthcare
Allopathic medicine is corporate and evil
Organizational Change
Skepticism: The message is not clear. What exactly is the action being requested.

Social Media Experience:
Blog: Not for work, but a family blog
YouTube: No
Facebook: No but I use FB personally
Twitter: No
Listening: No
Other: I am not using social media for Healthy Kids Humbodlt. We do have a website and have created a DVD (which I would like to post on You Tube.) So this is a nascent venture for us, but I feel it would benefit our program and broaden our contact with the FB and Twitter loving community of Humboldt County!