Name: Catherine DeSantis
Twitter: catdesantis
Experiment: Listening


4/6/2010 Began reading RSS Feeds. Not getting a lot of related hits. Need to revisit key words and add a couple of new feeds.
Need to add Chesboros AB 2586, Blue Shield
Need to create listening log

Will be following our organization, but also issues and bills monitoring

A few Facebook Fan Pages to listen in on:

The Times Standard
(will want to ask to have their Fan Page Favorites - join all the favorites)
Investigate other county Fan Pages and figure out whether you should join or listen


Humboldt Crabs (1550)!/pages/Humboldt-Crabs/333197305762?ref=sgm

Arcata Main Street (350)!/pages/Arcata-CA/Arcata-Main-Street/356943878599?ref=sgm

(1) Brainstorm key words or organizations that provide ongoing coverage about the issue, particularly if they are summarizing
Be sure to see if they have a Facebook Fan Page that you can get a feed for or check their web site to see if they have RSS on their site.
Key words: Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services
Children's Health Initiative
Healthy Families Program

(2) Finish putting EGO monitoring feeds in your bloglines (your url, your name)
Key Words: Healthy Kids Humboldt

(3) Start to monitor:
EGO: Positive, Negative, and Neutral
Issue: Healthy Families: State Budget Impacts, Continuation of the Program

Step 1: Keyword searches on Twitter, Facebook, Social Mention, Google Alerts
Step 2: Add Feed To Reader
Step 3: Carve out an hour a week to monitor and report summary
Rinse and Repeat

(1) STREAMLINE! Don't be Joey Chestnut
(2) Read feeds to understand patterns to remove junk and better keyword combos
(3) Use the exclude option in advance search