Health Improvement Partnership

Contact Information
Leslie Conner
Policy & Program Director
Kamila Burns, Admin Assoc

Your Social Media Questions:
How to use it for fundraising
How to use it to promote events
How to use it to promote taking action regarding policy (contact legislators, etc)

Results from the program that would make it a success:

We learn how to take some doable, productive steps to incorporate social media into our fundraising and/or advocacy activities. We're a small office so we don't have a lot of extra staff time available to launch a major initiative.

Communications Plan

Big Goal:Ensuring universal health access for children in Santa Cruz County.
Smart Objective for Social Media Strategy:
Raising funds for the Healthy Kids program.

Identification: Community leaders, individual donors, local businesses
What is known: Not much!
Existing Belief To Tap:
Everyone is talking about health care reform, we're doing something about it. Reforming health care at the local level. Creating a more rational, equitable, cost-effective system of care. A barrier: competition for reduced donations in the current economy.

Organizational Change

Skepticism: That it's a passing fad. That our target audience

Social Media Experience:

Blog: no
Facebook: no
Twitter: no
Listening: no
Other: Not using them at this time.