Norma Forbes, Executive Director
Suzanne Passmore, Office Manager
Joe Farmer, IS Specialist

When we first began our project, it centered on what we learned at the hands-on workshop at the Taaffee House in Los Altos.
The world of social media was quite new to us, and our organization as a whole. Due to this learning curve, we felt it best to take one step at a time so that we have a better understanding of how it is used both in the personal social world, as well as business, and non-profit world.

We began with simple note taking on our Wikispaces, and eventually moved to launching an account with Facebook. We have done a lot of browsing through Facebook, and exploring how other non-profits are using it. We have found there are many useful tools and resources about how to use this media in a more professional platform. The following are some resources and/or EBooks that we downloaded:

• 32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business, by Meryl K. Evans, July 21, 2009,
• How to Use Facebook for Business,

As we advance, and learn we are excited to see the new directions this popular media will take our non-profit organization.

• To better understand the role of social media
• To advance our knowledge in social media
• To incorporate Fresno HCAPs goals and objectives with social media, as fit

Low income families, community members, and organizations that support access to health care for all.
Tactics Used:
• Creation of a Facebook account for Fresno HCAP
• Set up Google Alerts and Social Mention
• Research on how Facebook is used professionally, and personally for our target audience
• Watching other nonprofits similar to us on how Facebook is used to target their audiences

What works/what did not work:
Although our project is on-going, there are some lessons learned that can be shared:
• Although we have a Facebook account, we do not have the resources to maintain it as we probably should. This is still unclear as to what is really manageable for a very small nonprofit.
• You can start slowly – just begin with listening. We tackled too much at first.
• There are books and resources available to help you learn – use them – and your other partner organizations
• We learned that if you don’t begin with a site, other s may do so for you. You need to take ownership.
• For individuals, you can only have one Facebook account
i.e., you cannot set up a personal Facebook, and then a business Facebook

If we could do again, what would we do differently:
• Dedicate more time in researching the unknowns of social media
• We still have concerns on the professional versus the personal aspects of social media - would spend more time on this issue at the beginning
• Focus just on one area. There is such a maze of confusing information, just start with one area – like listening.

Experiment: Using Wikispaces as a playground for HCAP's venture into social media

How to start using social media?
How does Social Media help us accomplish our goal?
How do we measure the success?
How do I generate a discussion?
What is the difference between Groups and Fans?

Results from the program that would make it a success:
1. Understanding the role of social media better.
2. Determine if and how social fits into the organization.

Big goal: To provide health coverage and access to care for every child.

Identification: low-income families and community members and organizations that support them in accessing services.

Existing belief to Tap: all children deserve appropriate access to care.
Existing belief: illegal immigrants will flock to Fresno
Skepticism: We embrace technology. However, we have not had the time or resources to explore the use of social media.

1. Scheduled meeting with HCAP Team to determine communication goals
2. Set up tracking device with Google Alerts and Social Mention
Too much information, do not see any value as of yet
3. Establsihed Facebook page for Fresno HCAP with link to our home page.
Concerns on unprofessional pictures
Example: Fresno HCAP interviewed potential interns and found one had a Facebook page with very personal picture. This impacted our perception of her profesionalism with our organization.
Concerns of unprofessional dicussions

4. Took time to explore other organizations that we work with locally.
5. Norma is reviewing articles on the pros and cons of Facebook for non-profits.
6. Perception is that Twitter will not bring value to HCAP communications. Too superficial.
7. Learning from other experiements in the Social Media Lab