Advancement Project

Khydeeja Alam
Legislative Advocate
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Lori Thompson- Manager of Work flow and Technology

Your Social Media Questions:
1.) How can we maximize our outreach efforts?
2.) How can we maximize our efforts within the workforce capacity our organization currently has?
3.) How can we build an audience?

Communications Plan

Big Goal:Out California programs focus on changing large scale public systems that can greatly help or hinder low income and vulnerable people.
Urban Peace: Reducing the double impact of violent crime and counter productive law enforcement strategies by using a community public health approach to eliminating gang violence.
Schools for All: Ensuring sufficient educational access, school facilities and early childhood enrichment for low income children, and advancing public education finance reform. Supporting data-driven decision making and planning by public officials, foundations and community organizations.

Smart Objective for Social Media Strategy:

We want to effectively communicate with others interested in our advocacy programs so that they may effectively advocate also. Our objective is to outreach to communities, communicate with and educate the public officials, other community leaders and organizations.

Identification: We need to reach out to more individuals, community organizations, foundations and communities which are affected by policies being made on the local, state and federal level.
What is known: There is a disconnect between lower income communities and usage of social media; it may be a generational gap, language barrier or an income barrier. Social media is a difficult avenue to use wisely to reach to our affected communities. On the other hand, it is a powerful and effective tool to use to reach the audience that includes partner organizations and other advocates.
Existing Belief To Tap:
Existing belief with which we can engage our audience is the fact that we have the same interests, same goals, similar target audience; why not work together, educate each other on accomplishments, mistakes made individually, and how to gain from those mistakes and accomplishments etc.

Organizational Change
Skepticism: None. Social media is a useful, accessible and affordable tool and organizations like ours need to take full advantage of it.

Social Media Experience:
Other: Advancement Project is currently not using social media tools but we would like to learn how to effectively incorporate them into our advocacy program.