Moms Rising: Pacifier Campaign

Overall MomsRising Approach to Organizing
o All work (online & offline) is both experimental and data-driven
o Repeat same cycle -- surveying policy/cultural context, experimenting, collecting data
o All elements of work (email, social media, offline) knit together in “quilt” – pursuing same goals through different channels
o Goal of each tool is to support policy/cultural change and movement growth

Key Lessons Learned (so far)
o Social media work requires us to be nimble & disciplined
o Relationship-building key
o Two-way communication is expected
o On-going dilemma around specialization vs. integration within staff

Smart Objectives

S -- Specific --> focus on encouraging the wearing of pacifier pins, both virtual and real, to signal support for healthy kids and families
M -- Measurable --> how many pins are distributed to MomsRising supporters and to policymakers?
A -- Attainable --> pins both virtual and real are relatively inexpensive and the ask -- to wear a pin or change your Facebook status -- is easy
R -- Relevant --> the healthcare bill increasingly dominated coverage and was a high priority for lawmakers. The pins therefore signaled needed, highly symbolic support from mothers
T -- Time-bound --> the healthcare bill was almost certain to be passed or die in the first half of 2010

Some objectives from participants:
How do you get from your big overall goal to something more concrete and then wrap social media strategy into that.
Challenging to get it down into a chunk that is time limited
Link social media strategy to an issue awareness event that is taking place
Focus: pick specific communities, generate awareness - goal to get people to contact influencers
Perceptions of support - there's something out there - what's the marker? Is it social media?