Maria Veloz
Vice President of Advancement and Public Affairs
213 416-1823
Braden Lay Michaels, Director of Development
Ayda Safaei, Events Coordinator

Social Media Questions:
1) How many preschool parents use social media as a source of information?
2) What kind of preschool information will resonate with elected officials?
3) What are likely characteristics of a donor that uses social media? How do we identify them and keep them engaged to support the cause for the long-run?

Results from the program that would make it a success:
Developing an outline of a plan that can be implemented.

Background: Communications Plan

Big Goal: Pass a public funding initiative for universal preschool.
Smart Objective for Social Media Strategy:
Increasing public will (voters) for high quality universal preschool.

Identification: Increase outreach to parents, elected officials and potential donors to increase support for universal preschool.
What is known: very little
Existing Belief To Tap:
High quality preschool is an economic investment that will save millions of dollars for taxpayers.

Organizational Change
Skepticism: fear of unknown.

Social Media Experience:
Blog: no
YouTube: no
Facebook: yes
Twitter: no
Listening: yes, preschool
Other: Facebook, twitter, web page.