Fresno HCAP

Norma Forbes
Executive Director
Suzanne Passmore, Office Manager

Joe Farmer, IS Specialist

Your Social Media Questions:
How to start using social media.
How does social media help us to accomplish our goals.
How do we measure the success.
Results from the program that would make it a success:
Understanding the role of social media better.
Determine if and how social media fits into the organization.
Communications Plan

Big Goal:To provide health coverage and access to care for every child.
Smart Objective for Social Media Strategy:
Change health policy for children (and adults) on a local and state level.

Identification: Low-income families and community members and organizations that support them in accessing services.
What is known: Not much.
Existing Belief To Tap:
Existing belief: all children deserve appropriate access to care
Existing belief: illegal immigrants will flock to Fresno
Organizational Change
Skepticism: We embrace technology. However, we have not had the time or resources to explore the use of social media.

Social Media Experience:
Other: We do not currently use social media except for our website.