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Participant: Children Now / Brian Kennedy

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Experiment: How can Children Now implement a content strategy efficiently with new web site, Facebook, and Twitter to grow participation in The Children's Movement?

Experiment: The experiment was to explore how to begin to integrate the use of Facebook and Twitter channels as part of a content strategy efficiently. The experiment was designed as a "proof of concept" to understand work flow, systems, and content pipeline in conjunction with launching new web site redesign. The next experiment is to focus on engagement through different channels.

Audience: The Children’s Movement enables individuals, grassroots groups, and other organizations to easily participate in state and national policy advocacy for children.

Tactics: Children Now set up a Facebook group early on and needed to migrate members to a Fan Page that matched the look and feel of the next site. Next, they focused on setting up systems to link all channels -- Web site content, email content, Facebook, and Twitter. A lot of time was spent in developing content creation processes that were efficient. , grassroots groups, and other organizations to easily participate in state and national policy advocacy for children.
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  • Proof of Concept: Positive
  • Feeding the beast is important. It is easy to link, takes more time and effort to re-purpose content unless you've built the systems.

The first step is to link everything together. The web site includes links to their social media presence and social media sites link back to the web site. They also include links in their email signatures and email newsletters. The have made sure that their basic branding - from logos, colors, and taglines are consistent from channel to channel.
With everything linked and web site redesign, they've started an editorial calendar that includes how to re-purpose content through each of the channels in terms of format and frequency, keeping in mind the characteristics of each channel.

  • Next project will be more focused learning on engagement and better tracking of what works.

"It is a bummer to see one-star ratings on your Facebook Fan Page content quality." The next step is to focus on engagement through social media channels versus donation or email list sign up and track with metrics to see what conversation starters and content work best.

Consolidating Children Now's Facebook presence from both Group and Fan Pages to just a Fan Page will be more efficient in terms of maintenance and a better user experience

Using Facebook as an outlet for Press Release content only is too narrow-minded, we should aim to engage the audience in the discussion by posing questions, etc.


  • Investigated current, dual use of Group and Fan pages: Decided to use Fan page only going forward
    • It is currently not possible to convert Facebook groups into Pages. We recommend that you create a Page and notify your group members about it. Note that you will not be able to send your group a message if your group has more than 5,000 members.
  • Messaging all current Group members individually to get them over to the Fan page -- suggest using Group messaging feature as Facebook limits on individual messaging make this slow-going
  • Investigated how to shut off the Group page when ready and learned that groups are deleted automatically when they have no members:
    • Our system automatically deletes groups once they're empty (no members). If you have already left the group, you may contact another admin to request that they remove the members. Please note that if there are no current admins, all group members will have the option of taking the admin role. If the group is an open group and has no admins, you may rejoin the group from the group’s page and make yourself an admin again.
  • Made Group "Secret" to avoid having more members sign up -- done through "Edit Group Settings" link in left-hand nav

Note from Beth:
Here's some advice from people who have made the switch

Read 4/1/10 (and not kidding)

Also, you might want to have some incentive to move people over. Others have left their groups open as sign post because groups are indexed in a different search.!/Beth.Kanter.Blog?v=feed&story_fbid=104643696236069&ref=mf