Name: Rocio Abundis-Rodriguez and Kimberly Fedyna
Twitter:@rocioabundis and
Experiment: Set up our Facebook Fan Page.

Questions: Is there a way of inviting Facebook users to join your fan page if they are not your "Friends" on your personal profile? I can very easily expand my profile to include work friends to expand my circle; however, I have been really trying to keep my profile personal.

You need to publicize your fan page outside of facebook and get the fans who have already joined to "like" and leave comments. That starts the growth. You can also participate in other fan pages that have similar goal.

Promote your Facebook page on your email signature, on your homepage, in other social networks that you’re a part of and in all outgoing materials to bloggers and journalists. Let your employees and customers know about your page so that they can become a part of the conversation.

I thought I sent out an invite to my friends "fan" our page. But when I ask them if they saw the invite they said they never got it. How do I know i it went out?

Also, now that FaceBook isn't doing the fan page anymore, are we now asking people to "like" the page? how do we do that?

Focus on more on getting existing fans to interact with you in the fan page and "like" and so that their friends are finding your page.

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